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Live SPF polychaetes a cornerstone feed for shrimp broodstock

Updated: May 31, 2023

Live SPF polychaetes, such as the species Nereis virens (commonly known as "bloodworms"), are often used as a live feed for shrimp broodstock during maturation. The inclusion of live SPF polychaetes in the diet of shrimp broodstock can have several impacts:

1. Nutritional Value: Live SPF polychaetes are rich in essential nutrients, such as proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. They provide a highly nutritious and natural food source for shrimp broodstock, supporting their overall health and reproductive performance. The nutritional composition of live SPF polychaetes can contribute to improved maturation, spawning success, and egg quality in shrimp broodstock.

SPF Shrimp Feeds | Live SPF Polychaetes
SPF Shrimp Feeds | Live SPF Polychaetes

2. Induction of Maturation: Live SPF polychaetes can act as a natural stimulant for shrimp broodstock maturation. The movement and sensory cues provided by the live feed can trigger the reproductive behavior and physiological changes necessary for the maturation and spawning of broodstock. The presence of live SPF polychaetes can simulate the natural feeding conditions of shrimp, promoting their readiness for reproduction. 3. Enhanced Gonadal Development: The consumption of live SPF polychaetes by shrimp broodstock can lead to improved gonadal development. The high-quality nutrition provided by these live organisms supports the growth and maturation of the reproductive organs in the broodstock. This, in turn, increases the production and quality of eggs and enhances the reproductive potential of the broodstock. 4. Hormonal Balance and Gamete Production: Live SPF polychaetes contain essential fatty acids and other nutrients that play a crucial role in maintaining hormonal balance in shrimp broodstock. The consumption of these live organisms can influence the endocrine system of the broodstock, promoting the production and release of reproductive hormones. This hormonal regulation contributes to the maturation of gonads and the production of viable gametes (eggs and sperm) in the broodstock. 5. Behavioral Stimulation: The presence of live SPF polychaetes in the broodstock tanks can stimulate natural feeding and foraging behavior in shrimp. This active feeding behavior is not only beneficial for nutrient intake but also helps maintain the overall health and activity of the broodstock. Increased activity and feeding can positively impact the reproductive performance and overall well-being of the broodstock.

It is important to note that while live SPF polychaetes can have positive impacts on shrimp broodstock maturation, their use should be complemented with a well-balanced and complete diet that meets all the nutritional requirements of the broodstock. The inclusion of other feed ingredients, such as formulated feeds and natural feed sources, can provide a diverse and balanced diet for the broodstock, supporting optimal maturation and reproductive success. Additionally, the quality and sourcing of live SPF polychaetes should be ensured to prevent the introduction of pathogens or contaminants that may negatively affect the broodstock's health and reproductive performance.

SPF Shrimp Feeds offers a range of shrimp larval diets, including Artemia cysts, microparticulated feeds, and black flake diets, in addition to live SPF Polychaetes, Artemia Vibrio treatment, and bio-remediation for shrimp farming. To learn more about our product offering, please click here.



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