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SPF Live Polychaetes: Products
Live SPF Polychaetes for shrimp broodstock

SPF Live Polychaetes

We supply SPF Live Polychaetes that are 100% farmed in a completely bio-secure environment done according to GMP+ and HACCP standards (with certifications).  Prior to export, the Polychaetes are tested by various private and government accredited labs validating both the nutrition and bio-security profiles. The nutritional quality is stable throughout the year as worms are fed by special pellets formulated and produced in Europe. Farming Polychaetes in cold waters results in high HUFA levels, 4-5 times more compared to tropical worms.  The farming output is more than 200 tons per year, which offers a much more stable supply compared to wild caught, contaminated worms commonly supplied in Asia. Live Polychaetes as a shrimp broodstock feed will increase the nauplii number per female; increase the mating rate; increase the maturation rate; offer better recovery after each spawning; increase the quality of the sperms; increase the quality of the eggs (higher hatching rate); and offer full traceability from the worms to the final shrimp PL.  SPF Shrimp Feeds is the first company in the world to develop a bio-secure storage system operational in any country, allowing for the daily use, or daily distribution of SPF Live Polychaetes for shrimp broodstock.  Our system allows for Polychaetes to stay alive for one month, without any sacrifice to the polychaete's nutritional profile or biosecurity.  To learn more about SPF Live Polychaetes, please contact us at

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