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Fish Aquaculture

Fish farming is the fastest growing sector of all food production today. In fact, nearly half of all fish consumed today are farmed due to overexploitation of world fish stocks. Both high value marine fish species and economical freshwater fish are being produced in commercial scale farms all over the world. This farming is incredibly important to address global food security concerns related to population growth, and to meet demand for sources of protein other than meat. Marine fish farming of species like salmon has garnered significant investment over the last decade. But it’s the proliferation of freshwater fish farming in developing countries that will, arguably, have the most significant impact over the next two decades. Freshwater fish such as tilapia, catfish, gourami, carp, and kalanchi might not see huge demand from Europe and the United States, but the farming of these species will increase incomes and feed local populations throughout the developing world. SPF Fish Feeds aims to support that growth by supplying fish fingerling and fish farm feeds and technical services for all species and farming systems. To learn more about our fish farming products, email us at

SPF Fish Feeds

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