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Artemia Cysts: Product

Artemia Cysts

Artemia cysts, or Brine Shrimp Eggs, are a compulsory feed for shrimp and fish larval stages.  Its live nature, strong nutritional profile and unique size of the Artemia nauplii make this a highly desirable feed for shrimp and marine fish larvae.  INSTAR 2 Artemia Nauplii can also be enriched with essential fatty acids (HUFA, EPA, DHA) to increase the nutritional delivery to the shrimp or marine fish larvae.  


We offer only premium-grade Artemia Cysts with high NPG and high hatch-out rate, providing a great cyst-to-biomass ratio for our customers.  We can provide Artemia cysts of various hatching rates ranging from 60-95% hatching rate, delivery worldwide.  To learn more about our product offering and wholesale purchasing opportunities, please email us at

INSTAR 1 Artemia Nauplii

Frozen INSTAR 1 Artemia Nauplii is a biosecure, zero contamination instant feed for shrimp larvae and other aquatic animals.  We prepare freshly hatched INSTAR 1 Artemia nauplii, remove all impurities and cysts, and freeze for 24 hours before exporting to our customers.  This is a pure, biomass only instant feed that requires no handling or advance preparation.  To learn more about this product, please contact us at

Artemia Cysts: Product
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